Jane T.

Davia is one savvy woman. She’s open, insightful, supportive, and challenging in just the right sort of way. She’s helped me to identify and honour my strengths, and to see that it’s within my power to navigate my way around (or through, or over) any obstacles – especially those I’ve created for myself.

Jane T.Private Coaching Client

“Having an inspiring and committed person to explore my dreams with while in transition has given me the freedom to think outside the square and choose what’s right for me. I am excited and in action. ”

SallyRoseR & R
Kris Bidenko

I found myself at crossroads. Davia helped me to identify my stumbling blocks and supported me in making necessary changes to my perspective in order to move forward. Her warmth, insight and sensitivity were and continue to be a source of inspiration.

Kris BidenkoPrivate Coaching Client