One to One with Davia at LIFE Design LAB

Davia McMillan

Working together One to One allows us to focus on your personal dreams , desires and needs.

This nurturing and  supported time is for exploring, discovering and harnessing your unique talents, skills, abilities and values and setting them to work in your favour.

During an agreed number of sessions together, we have the time to get creative and focussed on YOU! We will use various tools and techniques to paint new pictures of your future and tell new stories that give you energy and have you alive with possibilities and ideas that inspire you.

We will work together to develop strategies and a plan of action that will bring these ideas into reality for you.

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU REALLY!  And that is just the way it should be.


Some things LIFE Design LAB clients report experiencing:

  • Great Relationships

    I now have more relationships that nurture and nourish me, and in which my contribution is also recognised.

  • Wonderful friendships

    I now have friends that support me and help to lift and lighten the load of parenthood, career and community commitments. I am now opening more doors to self exceptance and receiving the things I need to be a great parent, friend and partner.

  • Clarity and direction

    I now have the ability to clearly see and choose what I want to be doing and where I’m heading next.

  • Happiness and purpose

    For years I felt that I was in the wrong job and wasting time on things that weren’t worth my energy.

    Working with Davia I have unearthed my core values and I am creating a life that is now aligned with them.

  • Respect for privacy

    I felt that Davia took great care and had  a huge amount of respect for my privacy as I dealt with some challenging times and made big decisions in my life.

  • Spot light

    Working one to one with Davia I was able to shine a light on what really matters to me and powerfully choose a new course and career direction.